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Sautéed Lotus Root with Miso Sauce

Today I will introduce you to “Sautéed Lotus Root with Miso Sauce”.


Have you ever tried Lotus root? Lotus root is high in vitamin C, potassium, fiber and polyphenol. It doesn’t have a particularly strong taste or aroma but the crunchy texture is amazing! Even if you simmer it 20 ~ 30 minutes, it should still have great texture. Since it has no strong taste as I said, it can be used for many types of dishes.

This miso sauce is versatile. You can use it for any sautéed dish. Very flavorful, not too sweet and not greasy. This may not be a typical sautéed dish that you have had before.


You can use any kind of dashi stock or broth for this recipe. I would like to introduce you to my favorite natural Dashi stock powder. It is called Kayanoya. I want you to try at some point because it is very delicious and healthy!!


The ingredients (Servings 2)
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7 oz. Lotus Root

7 oz. Thin Sliced Meat (any kind)

2 small Green Bell Peppers

1 Tbsp. Vegetable Oil

1 Tbsp. Organic Miso Paste

½ Tbsp. Sugar

1 Tbsp. Cooking Sake

2 Tbsp. Dashi Stock (any kind)

The ingredients have many substitutions.

If you don’t want to use alcohol in your dishes, you can use your favorite broth. The authentic dish uses pork as a meat but you can use beef, chicken, lamb, duck, or even fish. Even if you don’t use any meat, it is still very delicious!

The recipe is easy.

Stir-fry meat and vegetables. Steam for 10 minutes. Add the mixed miso sauce, sauté for 5 minutes.

Detailed and visual instructions can be found in the recipe PDF: Sauteed Lotus Root with Miso Sauce


Sautéed Beef and Green Beans with Ginger (Gluten-Free)

Today I introduce you to “Sautéed Beef and Green Beans with Ginger”. This dish is very healthy, easy to make, and amazingly delicious!


It looks like a Chinese dish, but I use ginger, soy sauce and cooking sake (You can use some broth instead if you don’t want to use alcohol in your dish.) as seasoning so it has a very light flavorful taste, is not greasy and is not too sweet.

In Japan, most beef dishes are made with thin sliced beef. For example Sukiyaki! If you can get thin sliced beef, you might want to use it to cook this dish because it is easy to cook and it also has a soft texture that combines well with other ingredients in your mouth! In the recipe I cut the beef into strips. This is another yummy way to make the dish!!

Beef is a great source of protein as you know, but it also is high in essential amino-acid and is higher in iron than chicken. I don’t eat red meat so often, but when I feel lack of energy I try to eat beef. And it is effective! In addition eating beef with vegetables makes us absorb beef nutrition more easily. 

I always recommend eating small portions of a variety of  dishes. The recipe is a handful size of food as a main dish. When you make this dish you can serve it with some rice, soup and salad, which is very filling and nutritious!!

The recipe is easy!

Cut all ingredients. Cook and season. (Cook green beans well because we can’t eat raw green beans.)

Detailed and visual instructions can be found in the recipe PDF: Sauteed Beef and Green Beans with Ginger


Ingredients (servings 2)
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0.3 lb. Beef Sirloin

15 ~20 Green Beans

½ Red Bell Pepper

1 tsp. Grated Ginger

1 Tbsp. Soy Sauce REDUCED SODIUM [Gluten Free] (Organic)

1 Tbsp. Cooking Sake

1 Tbsp. Vegetable Oil

Detailed and visual instructions can be found in the recipe PDF: Sauteed Beef and Green Beans with Ginger

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Sautéed Chicken with Miso (Gluten-Free)

This sauté of vegetables and meat is a Japanese homemade main dish which is liked by everybody. There are some similar dishes in Chinese cuisine but the taste is totally different from this recipe. I use chicken tenderloin, I season the meat and vegetables with Miso paste and soy sauce, and I don’t use much oil, so it is flavorful, has  a great light taste, and is never greasy.

You can choose any kind of meat for this dish, such as beef or pork. I prefer chicken tenderloin because it is low fat, low calorie, and high in nutrition. Chicken tenderloin is cooked quickly so it doesn’t take time to cook. When we cook it the right way, the texture is amazingly soft. Therefore, in this recipe I am very careful about the cooking time.


You can also add more vegetables to this dish, but at the very least you should use green bell pepper and eggplant because these two vegetables and Miso go perfectly together. Green bell pepper and eggplant are summer vegetables which make our bodies cool down. Eating summer vegetables in the summer brings us great effects.

{Ingredients (servings 2)}

1 small Green Bell Pepper

1 small Eggplant

5 pieces Chicken Tenderloin

3 Tbsp. ORGANIC Mild Miso Paste

2 Tbsp. Mirin Sweet Cooking Rice Wine

2 Tbsp. Soy Sauce
(Recommended Gluten-Free Soy Sauce)Soy Sauce REDUCED SODIUM [Gluten Free] (Organic)

1 Tbsp. Cooking Sake

1 Tbsp. Sugar

1 Tbsp. Pure Sesame Oil

2 Tbsp. Vegetable oil

Here is my recipe in PDF (6 MB): Chicken Tenderloin Saute with Miso