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Sautéed Beef and Green Beans with Ginger (Gluten-Free)

Today I introduce you to “Sautéed Beef and Green Beans with Ginger”. This dish is very healthy, easy to make, and amazingly delicious!


It looks like a Chinese dish, but I use ginger, soy sauce and cooking sake (You can use some broth instead if you don’t want to use alcohol in your dish.) as seasoning so it has a very light flavorful taste, is not greasy and is not too sweet.

In Japan, most beef dishes are made with thin sliced beef. For example Sukiyaki! If you can get thin sliced beef, you might want to use it to cook this dish because it is easy to cook and it also has a soft texture that combines well with other ingredients in your mouth! In the recipe I cut the beef into strips. This is another yummy way to make the dish!!

Beef is a great source of protein as you know, but it also is high in essential amino-acid and is higher in iron than chicken. I don’t eat red meat so often, but when I feel lack of energy I try to eat beef. And it is effective! In addition eating beef with vegetables makes us absorb beef nutrition more easily. 

I always recommend eating small portions of a variety of  dishes. The recipe is a handful size of food as a main dish. When you make this dish you can serve it with some rice, soup and salad, which is very filling and nutritious!!

The recipe is easy!

Cut all ingredients. Cook and season. (Cook green beans well because we can’t eat raw green beans.)

Detailed and visual instructions can be found in the recipe PDF: Sauteed Beef and Green Beans with Ginger


Ingredients (servings 2)
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0.3 lb. Beef Sirloin

15 ~20 Green Beans

½ Red Bell Pepper

1 tsp. Grated Ginger

1 Tbsp. Soy Sauce REDUCED SODIUM [Gluten Free] (Organic)

1 Tbsp. Cooking Sake

1 Tbsp. Vegetable Oil

Detailed and visual instructions can be found in the recipe PDF: Sauteed Beef and Green Beans with Ginger

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Japanese Savory Pancake


Okonomi-yaki (Japanese-style savory pizza pancake) is a traditional, well loved, representative cuisine from the west part of Japan (Kansai region). The recipe is very simple. It includes a baking mixture of flour, water, vegetables, shellfish, meat and so on.


In Japan there are many festival days in summer and many food stalls sell Okonomi-yaki (and usually have long lines because it is so delicious). These stalls cook it on a big cast-iron pan.

This dish is very delicious and easy to cook. It also has a lot of nutrition in one plate, so it was my family’s regular dinner on Sunday, and my father used to cook (this means very easy to cook because my father couldn’t cook anything else)


My mother always added ground dried anchovy to the mixture to add an anchovy Dashi stock flavor and fabulous nutrition such as calcium and DHA. You can put ground dried anchovy in most dishes to make the dish healthier. It works for omelets, soups, salad dressings, casseroles, pasta, and so on. Dried anchovy adds a slightly salty taste, so it doesn’t bother your dish’s balance. It is easy to grind dried anchovy with food processor (and we can get it at most Asian markets in the US).


In my recipe, I use “Japanese Sweet Ginger Beef” in the Okonomi-yaki dish. This makes the dish taste great and flavorful. Please see the “Japanese Sweet Ginger Beef” recipe to learn how to prepare the beef.

{Ingredients (2 servings)}

1 ⅓ cups Water

1 ½ cups Flour

½ Cabbage

¼ cup Anchovy Dried Iwashi Fish

4 Eggs

4 Tbsp. “Japanese Sweet Ginger Beef

Here is my recipe in PDF: Japanese Savory Pancake

Here is “Japanese Sweet Ginger Beef” recipe in PDF: Japanese Sweet Ginger Beef


Healthy Japanese Sweet Ginger Beef (Gluten-Free)

Japanese Sweet Ginger Beef is popular around my hometown area, the Kansai region, which is in the west part of Japan. It is also popular in the Kyushu region.

The seasonings are soy sauce and sugar, and I also use ginger to get rid of the beef smell and to make the dish flavorful so it is salty-sweet. It is a typical traditional, but incredible tasty, Japanese dish like Teriyaki!!


We use fibrous beef meat for the dish which is called beef shank in English (Number 12 in the picture). Shank meat is high in good protein, vitamin B12, and vitamin K. it is also low in fat and cholesterol. The meat is hard by itself, but when it is simmered slowly, it becomes very tender and flavorful, and it makes great beef broth too!

This dish takes a little bit of time to prepare, but it is easy and simple. You can use this sweet ginger beef as an ingredient in salad, pizza, hamburger, and so on.

Enjoy this healthy beef dish!

{Ingredients (2 servings)}

½ lb. Beef Shank

8 slices Ginger (total)

¼ cup Soy Sauce REDUCED SODIUM [Gluten Free] (Organic)

¼ cup Cooking Sake

4 cups plus separate cup water

1 Tbsp. Sugar

2 Tbsp. Mirin Sweet Cooking Rice Wine

Here is my recipe in PDF: Japanese Sweet Ginger Beef