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A free digital copy!!

I am so excited to announce this!!

If you’re interested in my new book Bento for Beginners, click this link to get a free digital copy of the book and start reading right away! I’m sharing these early digital copies in hopes that you’ll post your honest feedback about the book in a review online. Click the link to sign up and get a digital copy emailed to you, then instructions on how to write a review will follow:



Bento for Beginners (Easy, tasty and healthy cookbook)

The book I wrote is for people who wants to cook bentos for many great reason, such as saving environment, saving money, saving time and, of course, your health!! Using easy ingredients and simple methods, you can make your own delicious bento within 10 minutes in the morning. In the book I also show how to store the dishes safely and deliciously.

Moreover, If you are intimidated by Japanese cooking methods, you should take this book. It is the easiest Japanese cooking book!!

Now it is available for pre-order on Amazon!!