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Japanese-style oven-fried chicken (Gluten-free)


Japanese-style fried chicken called Karaage in Japanese, is made in a very thin batter so it is very juicy, tender and has great ginger soy sauce and garlic flavor. I am sure once you have a bite, you will not be able to stop eating because it is so yum!


In the traditional recipe, the chicken is deep-fried in oil but I cook them in the oven that makes the dish healthier, and of course it still tastes divine!! Also I use corn starch and gluten free soy sauce, so the dish is great for people who follow gluten-free diet.

In Japan, there are many kinds of Karaage, such as chicken, chicken gristle, shrimp, calamari, octopus, fish, fish bone and so on. You can use this recipe for those ingredients too.


The recipe is very quick and easy. There is no need to wait for marinating!!

Season the chicken and dredge in corn starch. Brush with some oil and bake on a prepared baking sheet in the oven.

Detailed and visual instructions can be found in the recipe PDF: Oven-fried chicken

Ingredients (Servings 2)

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3 chicken thigh
5 tablespoons corn starch
1tablespoon Cooking Sake
1 teaspoon grated ginger
1teaspoon grated garlic or garlic powder
Some vegetable oil for brushing

Detailed and visual instructions can be found in the recipe PDF: Oven-fried chicken


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10 thoughts on “Japanese-style oven-fried chicken (Gluten-free)

  1. I had this in Japan and it was delicious. I like the idea of a lighter oven baked version.

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  2. This seems like a must try.

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  3. One of our favourite Japanese dishes 🙂

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  4. This looks so crispy and delicious. Plus gluten free so I can give it a try! Thank you.

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  5. That sounds and looks so good!

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