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Snow Pea and Egg (Vegetarian/Gluten-Free)

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Today’s dish is called “Snow peas and Egg,” which is actually my mother’s original recipe. It uses sweet egg and snow peas that are a little bit salty. This dish is very easy to cook and popular with children because of the sweet and soft scrambled egg.

Snow peas have a lot of vitamins and carotene so it is good food for beauty. Egg is, needless to say, high quality protein and high in vitamins and minerals. So my mother knew it is good for children because it is easy, nutritious and delicious!!

{Ingredients (For 2 people)}

About 20 pieces of snow pea (according to your taste)

3 Eggs

2 tablespoons Sugar

¼ teaspoons salt

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

Here is my recipe in PDF: Snow pea and Egg


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