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Homemade Anchovy Dashi Stock (Gluten-Free)


Stock (Dashi) is the most important ingredient for almost all Japanese dishes. If we didn’t use Dashi stock, the dishes would taste totally different.

In this post I will introduce you to Anchovy Dashi stock, which has a good fish smell and a slightly fish flavor, and helps you make many delicious Japanese recipes such as miso-soup, simmered vegetables, Donburi and so on. I want to tell you that this type of Dashi stock has lots of Calcium and DHA.

We use many kinds of Dashi stock such as kelp, bonito, shiitake and so on. Anchovy Dashi stock is usually used for home cooking.

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(Recommended Dried Anchovy for Dashi stock) Anchovy Dried Iwashi Fish

Here is my recipe in PDF: Homemade Anchovy Dashi Stock


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